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Gladiola High School

Welcome to Gladiola High School


We believe students respond well when given choices within consistent routines. We believe excellent teaching includes modeling, listening, and learning. We believe students do well when they feel adults care about their achievement. We believe an environment that challenges each student to rise to clear expectations fosters success. We believe students learn best when they can make a personal connection with the instruction, and engaging parents/guardians enhances education. We believe each student is a valuable individual who deserves respect and acknowledgement. 

We are GP!

School News

a whiteboard with the word committee written across it

We are looking for members of our school community to serve on Grants Pass School District 7’s Equity Advisory Committee. The EAC will complement and help communicate the work of our established Team for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity or TIDE.

In accordance with Senate Bill 732, the will provide feedback to the Superintendent and the School Board about equity issues in schools.

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