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District 7 Graduation Rate Reaches All-Time High

District 7 Graduation Rate Reaches All-Time High

More students in Grants Pass School District 7 graduated on time in 2022 than in any previous year since the Oregon Department of Education began consistently recording the data.

Narrowing the Achievement Gap

Grants Pass School District 7’s on-time, four-year graduation rate for 2022 was 79.03%—1.82 percentage points higher than the previous school year and ahead of the Josephine County average of 77.5%. 

One of the most significant improvements in 4-year graduation rates was for students with disabilities (↑ 4 percentage points). More than half of the district’s 2022 senior class identified as English Language Learners, students with disabilities, students identified as homeless or in foster care, or other underserved groups. 

Despite these strides, opportunity and achievement gaps persist, as they do across the state and the country. Only half of our students experiencing homelessness are making it to graduation. Student Investment Account dollars and community partnerships will continue to be critical in providing these students support.

Celebrating Each School’s Successes

GPFLEX, Grants Pass School District 7’s flexible learning school, is celebrating a 94.44% on-time graduation rate for its inaugural graduating class. The flexible learning school allows students to be fully online and work at their own pace to get ahead, or enjoy a hybrid schedule where they can access award-winning CTE, elective, or core classes on campus while still taking the majority of their classes online. 

Grants Pass High School recorded an on-time graduation rate of 85.46%, 4.16 percentage points higher than the state average. Black, Hispanic/Latino, and economically disadvantaged students graduated at an even higher rate of 100%, 87.5% and 86.33% respectively. 

Gladiola High School, the district’s alternative education campus, celebrated its largest-ever graduating class in 2022 with 54 graduates. This is a significant accomplishment as many students and their families were overcoming obstacles around COVID, housing, and job instability while completing their high school education.

“Gladiola is a place where ALL students can feel safe, welcomed, and cared for,” Principal Michael Shunk says. “We have staff that work hard to make relationships with students to help them fill in their educational gaps, find stability and overcome obstacles, and build towards a positive future with great career opportunities.”

“We are very proud of the work we have been doing to improve our graduation rates,” Grants Pass School District 7 Superintendent, Tim Sweeney says. “That work is paying off as we see the success the district is having as a whole and at each of our high school campuses. We know we still have work to do but we are on the right path towards getting every student across the finish line and earning their diploma.”

District 7 remains focused on helping all students complete high school ready for college, careers, and life. While there is still work to be done to reach this goal, we’re proud of our students and staff and their hard work to achieve these gains.

Every increase in on-time graduation rates and high school completion means a real difference for our students' futures.